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We here at FGIA hope you have had a happy and prosperous start to the new year. 2022 was a busy one, so we wanted to share some highlights, including the most popular news articles and blog posts. Thanks to the return of in-person events, conference plans dominated the news section of our site. Trade Secrets posts, which double as the introduction to the monthly FGIA e-News and seek to offer insight into industry trends and outlook, were strongholds in the most-read blogs category. Read on for more of what our members wanted to know about most in 2022.

Top 5 News Articles

  1. FGIA Releases New Glass Safety Standard: In July, FGIA released IGMA TM-5000-22, Do’s and Don’ts of Glass Safety. “The task group’s goal was to develop a manual covering basic plant safety highlighting safety hazards, risk and appropriate controls, including recommended personal protection equipment for each operational function of the plant that could be posted in the area of responsibility for glass safety that any business could apply to help protect their team members,” said Mike Troutman (MI Windows and Doors), Chair of the FGIA Do’s and Don'ts of Glass Safety Task Group.
  2. FGIA Releases 2021/2022 Market Studies: FGIA shared market information in April in the form of a new full study of the U.S. market for windows, doors and skylights, which offered projections of construction activity as of spring 2022. FGIA prides itself on having relevant, up-to-date market information, which FGIA members can purchase at a significant member discount each year. A 2022/2023 statistical review and forecast is due out this spring.
  3. Registration Now Open for 2022 FGIA Hybrid Annual Conference: The Annual Conference, historically the biggest FGIA holds each year, was of high interest thanks to a great location (Amelia Island, FL), a top-tier keynote speaker (Frank Abagnale, who inspired the events of the movie Catch Me If You Can) and the annual awards banquet recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of FGIA leaders. The 2023 FGIA Annual Conference is coming up, so be sure to register and save your spot.
  4. Final Schedule, Speakers Announced for 2022 FGIA Virtual Summer Conference: In May, FGIA released key details for the Summer Conference, which was widely attended by first time participants. This popular June conference featured speakers who discussed efforts to improve the energy efficiency of windows in Canada by 2030, the impacts of mental health and substance use in the construction industry and offered highlights from the most recent FGIA fenestration-focused market study.
  5. Registration Now Open for 2022 FGIA Virtual Summer Conference: The opening of registration for that same event drew a lot of clicks as well, possibly in part due to the high attendance of the conference.

Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. Online or In Person, Engage in the IG Fabricators Workshop: This May Trade Secrets post by Janice Yglesias, FGIA Executive Director, was our most-read blog post in 2022, sharing information about the popular FGIA Insulating Glass Fabricators Workshop. The education is now available as an online video series in addition to the in-person workshop held each November.
  2. FGIA Board Shares Outline for Association's Future Strategic Plans: Janice also wrote this popular Trade Secrets post from June sharing the FGIA Board’s plans, which included a commitment to high-value in-person events, expanding FGIA’s network of partnerships, broadening the use of FGIA’s education programs and funding crucial industry research projects.
  3. Trade Associations Lead the Way in Shaping Industries: Janice wrote back in October about the many ways involvement in industry associations can be helpful to individuals and companies, whether it means having a strong handle on news and updates, gaining knowledge from those closest to the work being done or doing the work yourself to shape an industry’s future.
  4. Empower Your Employees with Window Safety Knowledge: In March, Janice wrote this Trade Secrets blog about why employers should take the time to train their employees on window safety. Companies that manufacture fenestration and glazing products for residential or commercial markets can benefit from having window safety knowledge on hand – being proactive and informed shows your customers you care about their wellbeing and that of their families.
  5. Observations from GlassBuild 2022: And finally, FGIA Technical Training Specialist Aaron Blom’s November Member Edge post gave a great recap of the events from the trade show floor at GlassBuild the month before. Aaron shared several key takeaways that resonated with readers.

Come what may in 2023, we will be sure to give you the rundown of what was most discussed and clicked on this time next year. Happy New Year from FGIA!