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It is finally spring! I hope you have been enjoying the warmer weather outdoors as much as my family has. As always, with higher temperatures comes the challenge of ensuring the practice of good window safety. Companies that manufacture fenestration and glazing products for residential or commercial markets can benefit from having window safety knowledge on hand – being proactive and informed shows your customers you care about their wellbeing and that of their families. Read on for why your company should take up the cause of window safety, during Window Safety Week (April 3-9) and every week.

As a company in a community, you are in some ways a steward of that community. Look out for those around you and safeguard local families by spreading the word of window safety. The Window Safety Task Force makes that easy by providing a number of resources:

  • Window safety and fall prevention tips
  • Window Safety Week tool kits for companies and for media
  • Downloadable images for your use
  • A new helpful infographic about window safety
  • A children’s activity and coloring book

Take it upon yourself to dispense these resources and available information. Reach out to your local fire and police departments, real estate agencies and libraries. Many communities have local government departments that deliver welcome kits to new residents; suggest including some window safety information in that package. Provide materials to your customers and train your sales reps on the topic. Not only can this added knowledge create good will among your employees, you will also know they are working together to watch out for the good of public safety.

If your company uses social media to communicate with customers, read this Socially Speaking blog post about how to use our resources online. For more details on how to talk to kids about window safety, read this Member Edge post.

What will you do to spread the word about window safety? Let us know in the comments!