FGIA FENBC Region to Host BC Glazing Contractor Strategy, Networking Event June 16

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Amy Becker Joins FGIA Staff as Glass Products Specialist

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FGIA to Cover Canadian Topics at FGIA Summer Conference, FENBC Region Members Invited to Exclusive Access June 14

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FGIA Advances Its Canadian Presence at Top Glass and Upcoming Events in British Columbia


What an amazing experience it was to attend Top Glass in Mississauga, Ontario last month! Along with Amy Roberts, FGIA Director of Canadian and Technical Glass Operations, we had the opportunity to connect with literally hundreds of professionals in the Canadian fenestration and glass industry in the FGIA booth. We...

Don’t Miss the Boat | Register for Vancouver-area Optional Events like Whale Watching, Site Tour


It is almost time for the FGIA Summer Conference in Vancouver, BC! We will be there June 12-15 and there is a jam-packed conference schedule available here. We are so excited to share what we have in store. As you can see, the schedule includes a variety of presentations, panel...

What Does it Take to Monetize Your Social Media?


A common question I get about social media is a complicated one: how can my company use it to make money? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but there are common themes to what those social media companies want from you in order to give you a cut of their revenue....