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The purpose of the AAMA Laboratory Accreditation Program is to identify and accredit independent testing laboratories capable of testing fenestration products utilizing the test methods included in AAMA product performance standards. The program was created to directly support the AAMA air, water and structural certification program by identifying highly-qualified laboratories performing testing per AAMA specifications. Building upon its success as the only laboratory accreditation program specializing in lab testing of fenestration products and their components, the program was expanded to include the testing of curtain walls, storefronts, and fenestration components, as well as field testing.

Program operating procedures and requirements are based on the requirements and recommendations found in ISO/IEC 17025: 2017, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, as well as the applicable version of the AAMA Laboratory Accreditation Program Operations Manual (LAP).

Three types of laboratories are eligible for accreditation under the Program

  1. Full-Service Air-Water-Structural Laboratories
    • Full-service labs conduct testing to support the AAMA air-water-structural certification program on windows, doors and skylights per the requirements of AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440, North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS).
    • These labs can also be accredited for testing of curtain walls and storefronts using the AAMA 501 series of test specifications.
    • Requirements for the accreditation of full-service laboratories are found in LAP-1, Laboratory Accreditation Program Operations Manual- Full-Service Laboratories.
    • Full-service labs are also eligible for accreditation as a component laboratory as well as a field test agency at no additional charge.
  2. Component and Environmental Laboratories
    • Component and environmental laboratories test components used in the assembly and installation of fenestration products.
    • Requirements for the accreditation of component and environmental laboratories are found in LAP-2, Laboratory Accreditation Program Operations Manual- Component and Environmental Test Laboratories.
    • Once completed, test reports from these laboratories can be submitted for review and listing on the AAMA Verified Components List (VCL)
  3. Field Test Agencies
    • The Field Test Agency (FTA) Accreditation Program credentials independent field-testing agencies to support AAMA members, the fenestration industry, building owners and their agents. The Program also validates that these field test agencies are capable of testing fenestration products in the field utilizing the field test methods included in AAMA performance standards.
    • Requirements for the accreditation of field test agencies are found in LAP-3, Laboratory Accreditation Program Operations Manual- Laboratories and Test Agencies Performing On-site Testing of Fenestration Products.

To participate in the AAMA Laboratory Accreditation Program, the laboratory must do the following

  • Apply for accreditation using the application found in the appropriate version of the LAP.
  • Submit a copy of the laboratory’s quality management system (QMS) documentation, which will be reviewed for compliance with the requirements of the appropriate version of the LAP as well as ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Submit to an onsite inspection. During this inspection, the Validator will confirm the laboratory and its personnel are capable of performing the tests listed in the scope of accreditation as well as audit the lab’s QMS documentation.

Accreditation is valid for one calendar year and must be renewed annually.

Note: A new version of ISO/IEC 17025, “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories,” was published in 2017. All AAMA Accredited Laboratories are required to comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 by January 1, 2021, in order to maintain accreditation.

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When “submit” is clicked, a new tab will open with the listing of standards that match your search criteria. A direct link is included for each publication to either the FGIA Online Store or to the appropriate outside organization website. If a publication link takes you to the Contact FGIA page, the document is not current, and a request will need to be sent for more information.

Labs that appear in the results with an asterisk (*) at the end of their name are not accredited for AAMA air-water-structural testing.