Directs the overall vision, mission, beliefs and strategic goals of the association as well as oversees all operational departments.

Janice Yglesias headshot

Accounting and Human Resources

Responsible for all financial and accounting practices as well as human resources, employee recruitment functions and operations.

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Melissa McCord headshot
Samantha Allen headshot


Oversees all aspects of the association's member programs including processing of all membership applications, recruitment, renewal and retention activities, and member record maintenance.

Dawn Peters headshot


Oversees the association's communications activities, website development and maintenance and all other marketing opportunities for our members and certification licensees.

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Meryl Williams Clark headshot


Oversees all of the association's webinars, online education courses related to fenestration and glass, and initiatives related to professional certification programs, including FenestrationMasters® and InstallationMasters®.

Kaydeen Laird headshot


Responsible for all aspects of the planning and on-site administration for the association's conferences and regional meetings.

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Technical Services

Oversees the association's technical operation including standards, other industry organization involvement, product certification, and codes and regulatory affairs.

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Technical Services | Fenestration

Oversees all aspects of fenestration document and standards development and representation at other U.S. industry organizations.

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Technical Services | Glass

Oversees the association's glass-related and Canadian activities, including standards, industry engagement, product certification and Canadian regulatory arenas.

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Technical Services | Fenestration Certification

The Certification Department oversees all aspects of the Air-Water-Structural and Thermal Certification Programs, as well as the Verified Components, Certified Profiles and Laboratory Accreditation Programs.

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