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One question my team often gets is a big one: What are the benefits of certifying through FGIA’s AAMA Certification Program? Why take the time to go through that process for my products? The answer is simple: Having your products certified to AAMA specifications sets you apart from the competition. It gives customers the confidence they need to invest in your products. Luckily, FGIA offers multiple programs through AAMA Certification to meet your products’ needs.

AAMA Certification, now under the umbrella of FGIA, has created several programs to directly support the product performance and certification of windows, doors, and skylights. It should be noted that FGIA does not certify companies but rather provides certification for products. The Certified Products Directory (CPD) lists products that the Association has authorized for certification. Only when the manufacturer has applied the AAMA label is the product actually certified.

AAMA-certified products are:

Here are FGIA’s AAMA Certification programs:

We all know our businesses depend on the strength of our word and the depth of our expertise. Certification through FGIA is an excellent way to officially validate those things. Feel free to reach out with any questions.