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FGIA’s conferences are well known for being the go-to destination for industry influence and networking. But did you know FGIA also offers events access to information and events specific to three different regions? These three regions are the FGIA FENBC Region covering British Columbia; the FGIA Southeast Region in the U.S.; and the FGIA Western Region also in the U.S. There are four regional events on the calendar for 2024, so save the dates now so you don’t miss out.

2024 Regional Events

April 3 (FENBC Region Industry Summit) – This virtual summit will be the first of two FENBC events in 2024 and will pick up where the Fall 2023 event left off. At this spring meeting, participants will be offered a residential or commercial track, hearing about NAFS 22 compared to NAFS-17 or about the relationship between glazers and architects, respectively. They will also learn how to navigate prompt payment legislation in British Columbia and conduct airtightness testing.

April 30 (Southeast Region Meeting) – This online event will focus on legislation and codes specific to places like Florida, Texas and the rest of the southeastern U.S. Participants will also hear an outlook on hurricanes in the southeast, what is on the horizon for Miami Dade Conty, an update on wind-driven rain research, the latest on the FORTIFIED Program and more.

July 16 (Western Region Summit) – The previous Western Region Virtual Summit featured speakers from key western states to discuss critical legislative and code topics related to ENERGY STAR Version 7.0, the California Energy Code and the latest in codes for the region. Don’t miss updates on places like California, Colorado and more.

November 6 (FENBC Region Technical Summit) – This in-person FENBC event will take place at the Northview Country Club in Surrey, BC, so be sure to book your travel this summer to get the best rates. Read coverage of the previous in-person event in BC.

Adding a region to your FGIA membership provides access to an exclusive regionally focused annual newsletter. This also gains you entry into regional events, where you can meet, network and get updates on the most important information to that region. Read more about the value of FGIA’s regional events over at Janice Yglesias’s Trade Secrets blog.