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I’m even more excited for the next AAMA conference than I usually am, because this time, I’ll be leading two workshops about social media. On Monday and Tuesday afternoon during the conference, I’ll be presenting a workshop called “7 Actions You Can Take Today to Improve and Protect Your LinkedIn Profile.” If you’ll be at the Fall Conference October 15-18 in Greenville, SC, I hope you’ll join me!

Some of the things I’ll be going over include the importance of having an updated profile picture (and why you need to have a photo at all), as well as how to dig into your LinkedIn profile settings to make sure they’re set up to your preferences. I’ll talk about why you should care about LinkedIn and how to best make it work to your advantage. At the very end, I’ll give a bonus tip: A quick intro to Twitter, which I’ll be diving into deeper during a workshop at the AAMA Annual Conference in February.

If you don’t already know me, I’m in my fourth year as AAMA’s Communications Coordinator. A large part of my job is maintaining and growing AAMA’s social media presence, including the association’s go-to-resource Twitter account, several channels on LinkedIn, a colorful Instagram account and more. I am always available to AAMA members who have questions about any social media platform.

I am also a freelance writer and have had bylines in publications like Paste Magazine, Apartment Therapy, The Billfold and many others. Prior to AAMA, I worked in Groupon’s editorial department and as a newspaper reporter. I have a journalism degree from Muskingum University. In case you didn’t know, I work remotely from my home in Columbus, OH. I also play roller derby under the name “Feral Streep” in my spare time! Feel free to ask me all about it at the Fall Conference.

See you in Greenville!