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FGIA staff rapidly transitioned to full-time remote work, and we know many fenestration and glass companies have had to quickly adapt to a lot of change as well. Because of this, FGIA has been inventive in finding ways to help companies in our industry during this time of crisis. As a result of a recent survey of members seeking insight to better understand where and how  pressure points are hitting, FGIA will be announcing discounted rates for online education programs, a revised Virtual Summer Conference registration option to make the event more readily accessible for employees across each company and much more. Stay tuned for an email communication scheduled for release on June 8. 

Some ways FGIA has already evolved to aid members and other industry companies include innovations in moving trainings online, transitioning its planned in-person Summer Conference to a virtual event and temporarily adjusting protocols for certification programs.


FGIA’s Education Department proudly rolled out FenestrationMasters® 2.0 this spring. Additionally, FGIA is offering an enrollment discount for non-FGIA members (and will be announcing further discounts for members soon) to allow employees to take advantage of time created due to travel and construction work restrictions. We know that investing in employee professional development now can pay dividends down the road in terms of employee goodwill. Plus, this professional development better positions employees to be armed with a stronger knowledge base as the world transitions toward a return to some semblance of normalcy.

Not only this, but FGIA quickly added the necessary interim program infrastructure to allow virtual InstallationMasters® installer training classes. Visit for more information.


Another resource, available only to FGIA members, is the Legislative and Regulatory Forum on LinkedIn. Since the start of COVID-19’s impact in North America, there has been increased activity in the group, with members and FGIA staff sharing the most current national, state and provincial developments. In this environment of rapidly changing and evolving information, timely updates relevant to the fenestration and glass industry are corralled into a single resource. This is a critical tool to help companies filter through the noise and focus on what is most impactful for their business. Request to join the group to see content covering a wide breadth of topics relevant to owners and plant managers as well as office and HR personnel.


FGIA has been working, and will continue to work, with the licensees of all our programs to ensure we continue to provide you with the services needed to certify products, while also taking the appropriate measures to protect our staff, inspectors and customers. After careful deliberation and in consideration of the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, FGIA suspended all in-plant inspections for the air-water-structural, thermal, manufactured housing and IGMAC certification programs through June 30 with audits being conducted virtually.

In order to consistently apply the program requirements to all participants for the 2020 certification year, any plant at which an on-site inspection was already performed in 2020 will receive a virtual/remote inspection during the second half of 2020. Any plant that receives a virtual audit for the first half of the year will have an on-site inspection performed in the second half of the year, assuming normal travel has resumed. The situation will be re-assessed as June 30 approaches to determine if any further modifications to this on-site inspection strategy need to be made.

Reach out to Jason Seals with questions about fenestration programs and Marg Webb for IGMAC program questions.

Virtual Summer Conference

As mentioned, the in-person Summer Conference has transitioned to a virtual event with a blended line-up of association business and COVID-19-related sessions. Because we know networking is crucial to FGIA events, there will also be a series of social happy hours for connecting with industry colleagues and friends. Participants can take advantage of significantly reduced registration fees compared with in-person events. Plus, the multi-participant registration option creates more attractive opportunities for non-members to access high-value content and for members to engage more of their employees than would be practical for an in-person event. Register now!

FGIA is eager to hear other ways we can assist during this time. Feel free to reach out or comment below.