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Members in FGIA leadership roles didn’t automatically start out there right away. They identified areas of interest within the Association, joined relevant committees and became emboldened by their successes on the committee and task group level. That is when they decided to take their involvement even further by becoming a leader within FGIA.

As we’ve discussed before on the Member Edge blog, FGIA leadership roles matter: FGIA standards are developed in response to the needs of our member companies to solve critical issues in the industry. It takes the interest, energy and experience of our members to help support the development of these standards. It is effective collaboration and communication that make us strong, and our Association leaders are to thank for that.

Have you thought about getting more involved in FGIA? The convenient FGIA Member Participation form allows members to express interest in various leadership and Steering Committee roles throughout the organization. This easy-to-use form is a great way to let FGIA know what your interest level is, and in what.

Each year as Board member terms expire and vacancies occur, the participation form data will be reviewed to identify interested candidates to fill these positions. At that time, FGIA develops the slate of candidates for four positions on the FGIA Board of Directors and for our Council leader roles. Incumbents interested in continuing to serve in their current role are included in the candidate selection process. If you are interested in being considered for any of these positions in the future, please access and complete the participation form.

As always, we thank our members for all the work they do. We wouldn’t be the industry leaders we are today without you.