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As you may already know, FGIA offers access to information and events specific to three regions: the FGIA FENBC Region covering British Columbia; the FGIA Southeast Region in the U.S.; and the FGIA Western Region also in the U.S. Adding a region to your FGIA membership provides access to an exclusive regionally focused annual newsletter. But this also gains you entry into regional events, where you can meet, network and get updates on the most important information to that region. Let’s get into the specifics of those events and the value they can add to your FGIA membership overall.

News and Updates

This past spring, FGIA hosted three regional events in April and May. To prepare for these meetings, FGIA staff gathers the latest, most relevant information to each region – whether that means a meticulously curated codes and regulatory update from our expert Technical Team or engaging presentations from speakers identified as industry subject matter experts. Past topics have included commercial contractor interests in the FENBC Region, hurricane trends in the Southeast Region and California Prop 65 regulations in the Western Region.


These events, whether held in-person or online, are the best places to connect with others in the industry who share your level of commitment and investment in the region. Take advantage of happy hour receptions or reach out to peers through the online chat function to make new connections or foster current, important relationships.


Not only will you have the benefit of gaining key insights and up-to-date information, but you will also have a prominent platform from which to make your thoughts and opinions known about the path forward. Having a seat at the table is crucial, and FGIA’s regional events make sure your input is heard.

The next regional event will be the FENBC Regional Technical Summit on October 18 in Surrey, BC. Be front and center with what the industry does next in your region by adding a region to your FGIA membership today!