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This June, two industry associations and their memberships will meet for one combined event in Victoria, British Columbia for the Joint AAMA and IGMA Summer Conferences. Last year, the leaders of AAMA and IGMA announced the possibility of unifying the two associations, and a vote among both organizations’ members will take place in July. Leading up to that vote, this joint event will give members of each association a chance to experience each other’s conference and have questions about unification addressed. Plus, as an added value, the summer conferences will bring to the table some of what each association does best.

AAMA members will recognize much of the schedule format, but it also incorporates elements familiar to IGMA’s delegates. For example, the event will borrow from IGMA’s talent for hosting a social event with a theme: a floral garden inspired reception, just prior to an optional event at Butchart Gardens.

Across-the-board sessions are built with both AAMA and IGMA members in mind, such as the Glass Safety Awareness Council, an important IGMA initiative, and the Code Action Committee and Regulatory Affairs Committee meetings which will feature reports covering both the U.S. and Canada.

There are guest speakers in the line-up as well. Keynote speaker Dr. Patrick Moore will include information of interest to both associations in his address about sustainability, energy and the future. Aiñe Curran, President of the Vinyl Institute of Canada, will provide an update on that organization’s initiatives relative to rigid vinyl window profiles, the potential impacts of the political climate in Canada on the vinyl industry, and advocacy programs to educate federal regulators in Canada.

Additionally, Executive Directors Janice Yglesias (AAMA) and Marg Webb (IGMA) will host two open forum discussions about the proposed AAMA-IGMA unification, offering time for questions and concerns to be voiced by both memberships.

Registration is now open for these joint conferences, taking place June 17-20 at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the proposed unification and to network with those in both IGMA and AAMA prior to this July’s vote. Register now!