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As an AAMA member, you can edit your personal and company information, access the AAMA Learning Center and view councils, committees and task groups that you belong to right on the AAMA website. Be sure you are logged in to access your personalized Dashboard.

To locate your dashboard, click the “My Dashboard” link found below your name at the top of the left-hand menu, once you have logged in. Let’s review the many personalized options available on your Dashboard.

AAMA Learning Center

The first thing you will see you on your Dashboard, below the welcome message, is the link to access the AAMA Learning Center. If you are currently enrolled in the FenestrationMasters® professional certification program, you will be automatically logged in to the Learning Center website when you click here. No need to navigate to the education page! For more information about this professional education and certification program, visit the FenestrationMasters web page.

My Committees

The next section on your Dashboard lists all the AAMA committees, task groups and councils you are an active member of, which helps you to locate information about these groups quickly. Next to each group name, you can see whether you are a corresponding or voting member of that group. If you click on the name of a group, you will be taken to this group in the Directory of Committees section of the AAMA website, where you can view the members of the group as well as meeting information and minutes.

Personal Profile

Below your group listing, you will see your personal profile information (title, company and contact information). There is an “Edit Information” button should you need to adjust your contact information or update your title. After clicking this button, there are several editing options available on your profile.

The “My Profile” page allows editing of your name, contact details (address, phone, email) and you can also add your social media links to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. This is helpful to other members that search for you in the Member Directory if they would like to connect with you in any of these social networks.

On your profile, you can also let AAMA know which communications you would like to receive or any that you would no longer like to receive by checking or unchecking the box next to the name of the communication.

Lastly, you can update your username and password. These changes, as well as any changes to your communication preferences, will be effective immediately once you click the “Save” button. All other change requests to your personal profile will be sent to our membership department for review and will be updated within two business days.

Business Profile

If you are AAMA’s main contact for your company, you will also have the ability to update the business record for your company. Click the “Edit Business Information” button located next to the button to edit your personal profile.

Here you can update the company name and business description (this description appears on your company’s record in the Member Directory) and the main address and business contact information for your company. You can also add your company’s social media links so that anyone (including customers and homeowners) searching the Member Directory can connect with your business.

Adding and Removing Individuals

Another feature available to you as the main contact for your company is the ability to add new colleagues to your company record or remove individuals that have retired or have moved to a role that no longer includes AAMA involvement. When adding new individuals, you will provide their name and email address. An email will be sent to the individual from AAMA to obtain all the pertinent contact information to be added to his or her record.

This is an incredibly convenient way to ensure your company’s AAMA representatives are informed of pertinent information from AAMA, including ballots where timely response is imperative to the consensus process.

The “My Dashboard” feature is a valuable resource for all members and makes it very convenient if you have a quick update to your record. Plus, it gives you access to other personalized items, most notably information about the committees and task groups you participate in, all in one place.

Visit the AAMA website to access these beneficial features.

If you need help navigating these features, contact Lori Benshoof, AAMA’s Senior Coordinator, Web Services.