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Though each candidate learns differently, there are several items available to get the most out of the courses and to successfully prepare for the exam.

New, separate versions of the Candidate Guide, Study Notebook and FenestrationMasters Virtual Library are available to accommodate those enrolled in the original curriculum as well as those enrolled in a FenestrationMasters 2.0 subscription.

Candidate Guide

The Candidate Guide explains how the program works, from the necessary steps to become certified to what materials may be utilized during the exam. The Guide also includes sample exam questions and answers.

Study Notebook

The Study Notebook provides FenestrationAssociate® and FenestrationMaster® candidates with a printable reference to the courses, as well as a place to take notes to aid in preparing for the exam. This resource is provided to existing candidates for FREE to show our appreciation for their support of the program.

FenestrationMasters® Virtual Library

Candidates who purchase a course subscription and exam bundle will receive FREE 12-month, read-only access to the FenestrationMasters Virtual Library, which includes electronic versions of over 50 technical documents referenced in the FenestrationAssociate and FenestrationMaster curriculum. The option to print these documents in order to study for the exam and to bring into the exam as reference material is available for purchase, and a license agreement must be completed for the electronic-only and the print-enabled access options of the FenestrationMasters Virtual Library.

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