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During the COVID-19 crisis, FGIA is committed to providing important resources and news related to the pandemic and its ever-evolving health and economic implications. This page serves as a centralized resource for updated COVID-19 information specific to the fenestration and glazing industry.

Legislative and Regulatory Updates

FGIA hosts two groups on LinkedIn with the intent of aggregating important information for our members and the industry.

The FGIA Legislative and Regulatory Forum is available exclusively to members and provides daily opportunities to identify and discuss legislative and regulatory issues impacting the fenestration and glazing industry, including posts addressing the pandemic.

The FGIA LinkedIn group is open to the public and also includes timely updates related to the pandemic, including relevant webinars and industry news.

State Openness Scores

MultiState has developed a guide to condense state openings and closures into one easy-to-understand “openness score” in order to compare states to one another. States are evaluated based on 11 factors, and the data is updated daily. (Disclaimer: FGIA does not endorse or verify this content.)

Lockdown Tracker

Aura Vision's Lockdown Tracker provides business leaders with a view of quarantine timelines and typical durations as the situation evolves. This tool visualizes how past and current lockdowns are unfolding using publicly available information but cannot be used to predict when exactly each lockdown will end.

OSHA Pandemic-Related FAQs

This OSHA COVID-19 page includes frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Virtual Conferences

During the FGIA Virtual Summer Conference, a series of panels addressed lessons learned for manufacturing operations during COVID-19, as well as an economic outlook and financial relief programs for the U.S. and Canada. The FGIA Virtual Fall Conference included Council related forums as well as timely industry sessions on safety awareness, commercial design trends and how to influence people.

View presentations from these conferences.

The FGIA Annual Conference (February 23-25) will also be held virtually. Visit the FGIA Events page for details.

News and Blogs

FGIA continually communicates new and updated information on the pandemic via its blogs and news items, covering everything from market study data to social media tools.

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Special FGIA Offers

Learn more about special education discounts, virtual conference offerings and more meant to support the industry during the pandemic.


The FGIA webinar, Financial Management and Value Preservation in a COVID Economy, covered specific financial steps and other direction that can be taken in order to navigate the current crisis and emerge on the other side with a business that has retained its value.

Michael Collins, partner and Managing Director of Building Industry Advisors, LLC, discussed profitability and value as COVID-19 persists. The webinar recording is complimentary to all in the industry.