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This time last year, I wrote a Socially Speaking blog post about my three social media New Year’s Resolutions for FGIA. In the spirit of holding myself accountable, I wanted to give an update on how they went. My resolutions were to plan ahead better by scheduling social media content, expand my network by sharing industry updates weekly and use the existing inventory of images and video for posts. I think I did well with two out of three, and there is always room for improvement where I made strides. Now that I know what worked (and didn’t work) in 2022, I can make a plan of attack for 2023!

  1. Planning ahead: This is the one I feel like I crushed in 2022. I used Hootsuite for not just weekly posts across our platforms, but to carry out two weeklong social media campaigns for Window Safety Week and the rollout of the recently revamped Fundamentals of Fenestration FGIA Education program. Along with our in-house calendar of industry events, I scheduled posts about things like Fire Prevention Week, Manufacturing Day, U.S. and Canadian holidays and more. Plus, Hootsuite’s usability improved this year, allowing me to more easily share to FGIA’s Instagram and to save time with better options for quickly tailoring posts for individual platforms.

  2. Extending my network: This one, in which I wanted to connect with and share the posts of at least one different contact each week, could have used more work this year. While I did more of this in 2022, I tended to do it in intermittent batches rather than weekly like I intended. For 2023, I have set a weekly reminder to retweet and share member content so I will have a more regular schedule with this practice. If you have news you’d like to share with FGIA, whether it's a big new hire, a career milestone or a recent volunteer opportunity, please let me know!

  3. Using what I already had: 2022 ended up being more of a building year for FGIA’s inventory than I expected, thanks to Shutterstock and Canva subscriptions. With these tools, I can either purchase high resolution industry-specific images (Shutterstock) or quickly design graphics for holidays and events thanks to quick and easy templates (Canva). These both had a lot of value this year, and in future years, since now I have even more content to repurpose.

As I look back on 2022, I did well in some areas and have room for improvement in others. The good news is, I can take what I learned and built this year and carry it over to 2023. What are your hopes for your company’s social media presence in 2023? Let us know in the comments!