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It’s officially October, which means Halloween is nearly upon us. As a creative person, Halloween has long held a special place in my heart. I love coming up with costume ideas and then figuring out how to execute them. Plus, regardless of your company’s products or services, you can find some fun way to connect your business to the holiday. Below are six different ideas for surprising and delighting your social media followers this Halloween. If you do the leg work now, you’ll be set by the end of this month!

  1. Share those costumes: Staff costume contest (or pet costume contest). If your place of work decorates, share a snap of that display…or the spooky offices of your remote team!

  2. No tricks, just treats: Offer a sweet discount if you can. Make it available for a limited time only! Also, if your office is handing out candy, be sure to promote that on social media so folks know when to come and where to be. This can be a great way to get folks in the door! Be sure to maintain COVID protocols for any in-office visits.

  3. Spook-ify your logo: Make a special Halloween version of your logo for the day. This can mean temporarily changing your logo’s colors to black or orange, or simply adding a Jack O’ Lantern or black cat icon to it. Use this special logo across your social media platforms. Also, sometimes Twitter users will change the way their name appears on their profile to the “spooky” version of their name. For example, maybe on Halloween “FGIA” will stand for “Frightening Ghouls Industry Alliance!”

  4. Decorate images on hand: Sharing case study or product shots? Add a ghost or pumpkin emoji to the images (without covering up anything important to the photo’s purpose, of course)!

  5. Host a photo contest: A few weeks in advance, ask your followers for THEIR Halloween-themed content. Then you can schedule and share the results on the day of. Find a creative way to incorporate your products. You might ask your followers to post a selfie with your branded windows, doors or skylights, whether it’s of them in costume by their front door or their beautiful home covered in Halloween decorations. This brings user-generated content to you and furthers your reach when those followers share your posts.

  6. Take a poll: This might not be specific to your products or services, but you can get engagement from your followers by polling them on things like their favorite spooky movie. This one is just for fun, but you might be surprised by the traction a simple question can get.

Let the spooky season begin! If you give any of these strategies a try, let us know how it goes in the comments below.