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FGIA offers its members a wealth of information. From our publications to our conferences to our task groups and committees, you can learn so much about our industry. We encourage you to take advantage of all that FGIA has to offer, but don’t miss out on one of the most important aspects of our organization: The opportunity to have a voice in what our organization does and how it influences the fenestration industry as a whole.

FGIA documents and publications are the backbone of our industry. They are used to set testing standards, direct codes and educate our members and the public on what makes a good product. These documents are not static, however, and require regular reviews and updates to ensure they remain relevant and provide the direction our industry needs.

The mechanism for developing and maintaining these documents and publications is our task groups and committees. Without these FGIA groups, our documents would grind to a halt and along with it our industry improvements. It is through the work of these task groups and committees that your voices are made known and the documents and publications are advanced.

Getting involved is easy. Members can contact FGIA staff and request to be added to a task group or committee or they can go to the Committees section of our website. When joining via the website, log in and click on the “Committees” link on the left side of the home page, find the committee or task group you are interested in and click one of the “Join” buttons to the right of the page. You can join as a voting member if you qualify or you can join as a corresponding member to simply be advised of the group’s actions. After that, you will be notified of the group’s activities via meeting invites through email. You simply participate in the calls and meetings and make your voice heard through ballots and conversation.

For those of you ready to take a more active role, we encourage you to consider participating as a Chair on one of the task groups or committees. This is a great way to gain leadership experience, build your resume and help advance the organization and the industry. Don’t worry, you are not left to find your way on your own. FGIA staff and our organizational members will work with you to help explain the procedures, guide you through the meeting and balloting process and in the preparation of meeting invites, agendas and minutes. It is a real team effort, but we need you to help make it all work.

If you are interested in helping by taking on a Chair position, the first step is to let FGIA staff know. We can get you more detail on what is involved and what Chair positions may be open or new task groups or committees that may be forming.

Regardless of whether you are letting your voice be heard through task group and committee work as a member or a Chair, every voice is important. Every comment, every idea, every vote makes a positive difference and advances the organization and the industry. We need your participation and we want to hear from you.