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A previous version of this post ran on the Socially Speaking blog in December 2016.

Now that 2018 has passed, it’s time to begin planning for the new year. While companies probably have 2019 budget plans worked out, it’s not a bad idea to give an organization’s social media presence a little extra attention, too. Here are some ideas for content you can create and share, as well as some tips for how to make sure your social media plans get off on the right foot now that it’s early January. Take some of these actions now for a more successful 2019 later.

Celebrate the season with your followers: We are still in the grace period during which we can send out New Year’s greetings. If you took a staff photo at the holiday party, there’s still time to share it with your email list and your social media followers. Here’s AAMA’s holiday card from last month. Consider other celebrations that occur throughout the year that you could share with your audiences, such as Manufacturing Day (October 4 this year!) or Earth Day.

Make sure your info is up-to-date: Did your company undergo any big changes in 2018? Make sure those are reflected in your online presence. Check in on your social media profiles and bios to make sure your information is still current. If you’ve undergone a recent redesign, check your profile and cover images to make sure they’re consistent with each other and your website’s current design. It’s not a bad idea to re-read your company’s About Us page, too.

Re-assess your goals: Which social media platforms performed the best for you in 2018? Which ones got less response and interaction? Is there a new one on the horizon you’re interested in learning more about? These are questions you can ask yourself now as you make 2019 plans. Consider opportunities for repurposing content – such as an older blog post, much like this Socially Speaking post has been updated for 2019.

Plan your hashtags: If you know your events schedule for the coming year for your business, including new product launches, make hashtags a part of your event promotion strategy now. Keep them short and easy to remember. If possible, make sure they’re not being heavily used already for something else. Watch the #AAMAconf hashtag next month during the 2019 AAMA 82nd Annual Conference in Indian Wells, CA, as an example.

Find your evergreen content: Now is a great time to go through the content you posted throughout 2018 to see what can be refreshed to post again later, in the coming year. Take a few minutes to see what performed best and, if possible, why. Doing this will provide you with an arsenal of ready-to-go content that you already know gets attention.

Hopefully these tips get you on your way to a successful new year in 2019!