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AAMA uses several social media platforms, but LinkedIn has long been a top choice for many of our members. Because that is where our members spend time online, it’s important for AAMA to have an active presence there in order to share relevant industry information. After all, LinkedIn is not just for finding a new position or career – its primary focus is still networking and keeping informed on changes to the industry. Whether a change is personnel or policy, you want to make sure you are in the know first. To stay in the loop, get added to the rosters of AAMA’s two groups if you haven’t already.

On LinkedIn, AAMA maintains both a public group and a private group, the AAMA Legislative and Regulatory Forum. To better streamline communications and to make it easier for members to receive information in a single forum, a second private group - AAMA Southeast Region Forum will be sunset on December 31. But, don’t worry! Information relevant to the Southeast Region will be included the Legislative and Regulatory Forum. We encourage all to join the AAMA Legislative and Regulatory Forum to continue getting codes updates and other regionally specific information. AAMA staff makes sure to clearly identify Southeast Region content by labeling it as such, or by noting state-specific posts with the state name in the subject line. We hope you will consider joining!

The public group is a great place to share company news, case studies and project photos. It’s a forum for asking questions and seeking help from those who know the industry inside and out. Plus, AAMA staff often posts links to important news articles from industry publications and to events, blog posts and articles from the AAMA website. Advertisement of products or services is not allowed.

The private group is exclusive to members. Staff and members can share information pertaining to codes, updates on proposed legislation and information about regulatory issues. State-specific information is noted as such.

Request to join the public AAMA group here and, if you are an AAMA member, request access to the Legislative and Regulatory Forum, too. Be sure to comment on some posts and say hello when you do!