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Here on Socially Speaking, we talk a lot about different social media platforms, how they can best be used and what’s changing with them at any given moment. But what tends to stay the same is that your content, no matter which platform it is featured on, needs to be interesting and relevant to your followers. Most individuals use personal social media accounts to share their proudest moments and accomplishments, and while you as a company can do that as well, it is important to add value to your audience. Here are some suggestions for how to make that happen, regardless of your preferred platform.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

According to Sprout Social, brand accounts should follow what they call the 80/20 rule: This means your feed should be made up of 80 percent entertaining, engaging content and only 20 percent promotional content. This keeps your posts from feeling like a never-ending sales pitch. An easy way to help get to that 80 percent mark is to share posts from others in your sphere. While you don’t want to share posts from your competitors, you can share industry news links or resources for homeowners or building managers.

Share Regularly

We always talk about the importance of regular posting. Nothing looks worse than a long-dormant brand account, which can make followers wonder if your company is still actively in business. Having a social media plan is a great place to start: Commit to posting once a week and go from there. Sprout Social recommends getting to a place where you might even have a daily, weekly or monthly series. For example, you might adopt a campaign like #FenestrationFriday to show off product shots, or #glassinspo for similar beauty shots of glass in use.

Use What You Have

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time you want to schedule a social media post. Take inventory of your own site and make a note of pages that might be useful to your followers. For example, FGIA shares customer service resources like window safety tips, how to understand indoor condensation in homes and how to navigate residential air infiltration. Our blog posts offer a wealth of helpful information for those in the industry. Share tips and tricks with your customers or hacks you’ve discovered that could benefit them.

Make Videos

Video content has become more and more popular in recent years, and fortunately, it has become more attainable for brands at any budget. Be creative in showing your products on video. Consider giving a 30-second tour of a project and include a range of wide shots and close ups. You might even be able to edit the footage on your phone if you use an iPhone and have iMovie. From there, upload your video directly to your platform.

One quick note about video in 2021: Captions are a must-have, and not just for accessibility for the hard of hearing. The Tik Tok app has made adding auto captions an easy default setting because so much of online video is now watched without sound. You can either make a Tik Tok video with captions and share it across platforms, or you can use a tool like YouTube Studio to add captions.

Best wishes in sharing your projects and products online! Tag FGIA on social media and we will share your posts and help you promote them.