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I am looking forward to being in California this month for the 2023 FGIA Annual Conference! One of my favorite FGIA events each year is the Awards Banquet, because it’s an opportunity for the Association to recognize its leadership for the hard work they do the previous year. Plus, from a social media standpoint, it’s fun to have the “scoop” when we announce the winners on social media! Whether you will be participating in-person or virtually for this conference, you can get involved with #FGIAconf on social media. Read more to learn how.

Follow FGIA’s Social Media Accounts

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow FGIA online. We have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Again, FGIA’s social media channels are where you can go to get exclusives like the awards winners as they happen in the moment as well as any other special recognitions or announcements that come out during the conference. It’s also where you can read recaps of across-the-board sessions, particularly on FGIA’s Twitter account, where I will be live-tweeting!

Post About Your Company’s Involvement

Whether your company is an event sponsor or a first-time participant, you can get exposure by posting about your presence at #FGIAconf. I love to share posts from participants enjoying the scenic locations of our events, networking with other members and taking advantage of the hands-on training and demonstrations. Post pictures on Instagram, share takeaways on LinkedIn or reach out to other members on Facebook and Twitter, and FGIA will be sure to share your conference content.

Tag FGIA in Posts

Don’t forget to include our event hashtag, #FGIAconf, in your posts! We will be monitoring that hashtag all week long to share posts from participants and industry media. You can also tag FGIA’s social media handles in posts and photos to immediately alert us that you shared them. We do our best to tag members in our own posts, so keep an eye out for those, too.

If you see me in Coronado, be sure to say hi! I love talking with members about social media and how they can best use it for themselves and their companies. See you there!