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This year is the 20th anniversary of GlassBuild America, the largest event for the glass, window and door industries in North America. The big show is happening October 31 through November 1 in Atlanta, GA, but buzz is already being generated in advance of it online. Don’t miss out on the chance to get your followers hyped for your appearance at GlassBuild. To get them excited between now and Halloween, and to get the most out of your event registration, here are some suggestions for building momentum on social media before GlassBuild starts.

Share photos from last year: Remember those great candid shots you got of people at receptions last year? Now is the time to post them and remind everyone of what a great time they had! Or, share what your booth looked like at the 2022 show to jog people’s memories.

Include your booth number: Every post about your appearance at GlassBuild should include your booth number. That way, folks can scout out the trade show floor map ahead of time and make a note of where you’ll be. Bonus: to see who else will be at the show before you get there, search the #GlassBuild hashtag between now and October 31.

Preview a giveaway: Whether you have one big ticket item to raffle off, like an Xbox, or a lot of small items, like company swag, take pictures of your prizes and promote them now. Post these pictures online and make sure people know how they can have a chance to win if they stop by your booth.

Get nontraditional: NGA has been using memes and GIFs to promote the show! Depending on your company’s social media voice, you could take this approach and use a little humor to stay in people’s minds before they arrive in Atlanta.

Bonus Tip! Here is something you can do right now to prepare for the show. It doesn’t involve using social media today, but it will pay off big time online during the show itself.

Have an attraction: Not everyone can swing paying for happy hour drinks at their booth, but anyone can set up a fun photo opp. If you have a company banner, set it up as a backdrop and buy some cheesy props, like large fake glasses and mustaches on sticks. People walking the show floor with their coworkers will want to stop for a photo.

Will we see you in Atlanta? Post about your company’s presence on social media now to let participants know you will be there!