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A new report about digital marketing trends that will rule in 2019 was released by Venngage recently, and the biggest takeaways seem to be that content with images is key, and that customer-generated content promoting your brand is a big asset. I can see these two trends sticking around for the foreseeable future, so here are some ways to make them work in your company’s favor.

  1. Content marketing is still the dominant digital marketing technique: The report interprets this by suggesting companies stop focusing on paid search marketing and instead devote time and resources to content creation. AAMA’s content creation strategy includes blogs like this one, as well as online articles and the social media posts we share to promote all AAMA has to offer. Think about the content your company currently makes and brainstorm a strategy around getting it out to consumers or customers via social media.
  2. The top priority for B2C content creators is developing more engaging visual content: In a crowded ecosystem, it is tough to get customer’s attention. Visuals can be huge because of this – consider putting some resources toward getting more high-quality, new images to use in your promotional materials and posts.
  3. Facebook posts with images still perform better than posts without images: and,
  4. Tweets with images still get more engagement than tweets without images: These two takeaways are obviously related, but they are also very easy to take care of in one go. Cross promote your content across platforms. For example, Instagram Stories will now let you link to a story so you can share it elsewhere. You can also now cross-post Stories from Instagram to Facebook, if your accounts are linked.
  5. Infographics are performing better than any other type of content: Considering this study was broken down by data point into an infographic that I am now writing about, this checks out. Does your company have a new report or customer satisfaction survey that can be shortened into short, concise pieces of information? If so, take those bullet points and use a tool like Canva to build a visually-appealing image around that information. Share it widely.
  6. Visual user-generated content is more engaging than brand-produced photos: While you should still get new, fresh images for your own use, it is also a benefit to have customer-created content. Hold a contest asking customers to send beauty shots of your products in use and get permission to share all submissions. Parse this content throughout 2019.
  7. The demand for interactive content is increasing: This can be a challenge if your website is not due for an update just yet. However, in the meantime, you can use tools like polls on Twitter and Instagram Stories to allow your followers to play along, while at the same time gathering potentially useful consumer feedback.

Take these trends into consideration as you plan out your content strategy to rock 2019!