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It’s that time of year. After a brutal winter, people long to open windows to let in fresh air. And, at this time of year, many of us are also hard at work honing building code proposals.

AAMA’s commitment to window safety is at work year-round through our proactive support of building codes. Window safety comes into play in a number of ways in today’s building codes. For example, in the Seventh Edition, 2020 Florida Building Code (FBC) discussion now in progress, AAMA opposes F 7662. That proposal would add an exception to eliminate the need for egress (emergency escape and rescue) windows in the basements of buildings with sprinkler systems.

AAMA opposes F7662 because people still need to get out of a building quickly in an emergency, and egress windows fulfill that essential need. Plus, many types of emergencies don’t involve a fire, but do require an exit or entrance through a window to help protect lives, like in severe weather when door exits might be blocked.

AMAA is expressing its opposition to F7662, as part of the FBC process that takes place this year.

In International Code Council (ICC) Group B proposals that will also be discussed this year, three separate proposals address clarifying the applicability of Window Opening Control Devices (WOCDs) for replacement windows. These include:

  • IRC Appendix J, AJ102.4.4
  • IEBC Section 505.2
  • IEBC Section 702.4

These proposals make it clear that regardless of whether replacing the entire existing window (sash and frame), or the sash and glazed portion with an insert window where the existing frame remains, the window fall prevention requirements apply in both applications.

Windows are featured in residential and commercial structures. They’re an essential part of our world, literally providing our window on the world. That’s why Window Safety Week is observed the first full week of April of each year in the United States, to help people understand their role in window safety.

During Window Safety Week, many of us convey tips designed to help protect your loved ones. Check out AAMA’s safety tips at

As longtime champions of window safety, AAMA actively educates people about the need for window safety. AAMA’s support of building codes that reinforce our commitment to window and life safety are two more examples of how we bring window safety to life…year-round.

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